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Maintaining & Preservation

After you built your beautiful home or just had it restored back to where it needs to be, maintaining your home and its future is the next step. Like any other investment, if you don't take care of your log home, it will fall victim to an early fate, or at the very least–costly repairs. Problems may take some time to show but whether they are visible or not, without maintenance, logs will eventually fail. Some maintenance can be fairly easy for home owners to complete on their own, however we are available to offer our own basic and advanced services to those who may not have the knowledge, time, or patience for the job. Keep in mind that even if your home is in top shape, subsequent touch ups will always be necessary. One simple exercise is to make note of any areas that may need attention and observe how different weather patterns and elements affect these areas over time. Pay special attention to the following: What walls receive the harshest sunlight? What walls receive the most moisture from rain? Where does snow build up around the base of the structure? What plants or trees are close to the house that would rub the finish off when the wind blows? The purpose of this exercise is to anticipate where future problems may occur. This will keep your home looking newer and will require less maintenance and fewer costly repairs.