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 Log Rot-Transformation


Log replacement is one of our most impressive and labor intensive services. Almost all repairs are better left to those with experience, which is something that comes with practice. Midwest Elite Log Home Services has replaced and fixed decaying wood ranging from singular to numerous walls, and in all different species of wood. The advantage to hiring experienced applicators is that we will perform this type of repair with the most efficiency and accuracy. We know exactly what to look for, the causes of different types of decay, and how to remedy the situation. Regardless of the reason for decay–Insects, fungi, or a combination of both– remediation is the same: repair the damage, then fix the cause for the damage. Prior to contrary belief, rot does not just happen–there is always a reason for its occurrence. Rot or decay fungi, is caused by and requires three main factors to appear: moisture, temperature, and a food source. By controlling any of these three perpetrators, you will effectively control the spread of rot and decay. During the time of our proposals, we will evaluate the rot to the best of our ability as a first step to little or no additional footage cost. Be prepared for inevitable complications, as inspecting the footage of rot is difficult due to the potential depth and age of the specific occurrence, but do remember that the faster it can be repaired, the more money and time will be saved. So call now or get an estimate and our highly experienced team can and will help!