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Chemical Stripping

This method requires very close attention and is best left to a professional applicator. There are two types of chemical available: caustic and solvent. Chemical stripping is a method that consist of spraying or brushing on a chemical to the log surface, waiting for a period and then completing with a pressure wash to the prior finish with the chemical. The chemical is introduced to neutralize the stripper, and cause a "fuzzing" on the log surface that will require buffing to change into smooth wood. The benefits of power washing include a smooth clean surface for applying preservatives, stains, and sealants. Also, by allowing moisture to seep into the home, hard-to-find weather leaks are exposed. The drawbacks to power washing include the need for extensive preparation, indoors and out, as well as the "fuzzing" that is sometimes left on logs. Finally, we must allow two to three days depending on the temperature to allow the logs to dry completely before moving on to the next step.