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About Midwest Elite LHS

Midwest Elite Log Home Services LLC is a log home repair, restoration and maintenance business. We are independently owned and based out of Republic, Missouri. The history and success of our work is rooted in the simple philosophy of possessing a solid foundation in the knowledge of fundamental basics, from which the basics are then mastered. My "schooling" in this is the most effective hands-on approach, of which I have been perfecting in the field of restoration and maintenance for the past nine years. In addition, I have three years prior experience in the staining and finishing segment of stick built homes along with deck restoration work, self-taught instruction gained from literature on the subject, and the personal connection to a family owned exotic wood working shop and distributor in Springfield, Missouri “OP HARDWOODS”. My individual knowledge that has spread throughout the company has gained a reputation of 100% customer satisfaction, with the additional promise of never jeopardizing quality over a price or quantity. While this might not be a popular attitude within the industry, it has gained nothing but praises from countless customers. With a eye for detail and quality craftsmanship, I keep my standards held high throughout each job that is taken on, and I never stop working toward business betterment, growth, and a superior experience for both customer and the Midwest Elite LHS team. In addition we will be expanding our branches across the United States and hopefully one overseas to better serve our customers coming soon by 2016.

President—Chad A. Pippin